"I strongly believe in working hard and smart to provide tailored and adaptive solutions for the constituents of my ward and region" - Lina Fouroughy
Managing Your Tax Dollars

 As Regional and City Councillor, Lina will work effectively with the new council and mayor to review the tax rate and the tax assessment value across Oshawa and Durham Region. The goal is to justify and rationalize the differences residents pay in Oshawa and across Durham Region. 

One must be accountable to the taxpayers for how their tax dollars are spent. One of the most effective ways of balancing budgets and services, is to find out first what the taxpayers of Ward 2 want so Lina can bring them forward to make sure they are preserved. By cutting waste and unnecessary spending, we can aggressively manage the budgets in order to prevent property tax  increases.


With Canada’s inflation rate at 7.6% and the cost of borrowing increasing by a full percentage to 3.4 per cent, all residents are feeling the pinch. With these statistics hanging over all residents in Durham Region, cutting waste and expenditures should be a primary focus. 


Lina will use her expertise in forensic accounting to review all expenditures within city budgetary concerns. In particular, it is important review every departmental budget, reserve funds and costs to taxpayers line-by -line to manage spending by cutting away wasteful and unnecessary spending.  
In addition, Lina will work proactively with the new council and mayor to ensure that taxes don't go up while still maintaining the high quality of services to the residents of Oshawa and Durham.

Creating More and Better Jobs

As Regional and City Councillor, Lina will work strategically with the Economic Development Office in Oshawa and Durham Region. Lina's goal is to ensure that any corporation/organization looking to establish a new corporate home, consider Oshawa and Durham Region first. Creating jobs will help maintain a healthy local economy and improve our city’s self image.


Durham Region is a hot-bed of talent with Ontario Tech University, Durham College and Trent University, with over 25,000 students are enrolled annually, With these figures, we have a nuclei for industries and trades to come to Oshawa and Durham Region. We need to retain as much talent as possible to help with the growth of our municipality.


In addition to working with the Economic Development Office in Oshawa and Durham Region, Lina will work  closely  with Durham Region’s network of support. This will include incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. Lina's goal will be to encourage entrepreneurship and assist with the growth of  start-ups and developing technologies and  businesses. These groups play a vital role in encouraging students and new entrepreneurs to launch their dreams from Oshawa and Durham Region. Moreover, these networks play a key role in youth employment and employment in general. 

Safety In Our Community

Durham Region, in particular Ward 2, has made a lot of headlines, due to criminal activity in our community . Lina's mission is to implement a multi-faceted approach in tackling this issue.  This is to include:

  • Increase in youth activity programs;

  • Region of Durham Police outreach to the community; and

  • Neighbourhood Watch Program

By working with Durham Regional Police and encouraging the development of a Neighbourhood Watch Program, we can train citizens to act as the eyes and ears of the police within Ward 2. This will include training citizens to become aware of suspicious activities, and  for citizens to communicate with each other and police on crime related problems and potential crime development. 


All residents have the right to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed. As the Regional and City Councillor, Lina will  have an open door policy and will follow-up with all visits, e-mails and calls from all constituents.  


As your councillor, Lina looks forward to hosting open office at city hall to listen to your concerns and your feedback. 

Oshawa Executive Airport

By Aircraft movements, Oshawa Executive Airport is the busiest general aviation airport without scheduled airline service in the Greater Toronto Area.  After consultation with the community, Lina has come across many concerns regarding airport activities. In particular, there has been a lot of complaints in regards to the number of flights from the flight schools, late night flights and twin engine corporate jets. 

As Regional and City Councillor, Lina will use her leadership skills to work closely with local areas residents to assure that noise and safety issues are priority one . Lina looks forward to working as a liaison between you , the taxpayers, and the Oshawa Executive Airport Authorities.  Lina will work hard to ensure your voice is heard and take the matter to the Federal government for more assistance. 

EarlyON Child Centre & DayCare Programs

Most parents with an infant, toddler or preschooler across the municipality are aware of the limited spaces offered for registration to attend a program at the EarlyON Child and Family Centres.


Lina will work with the mayor and council members to find ways to ensure all children have an opportunity to enroll in each program offered and decrease wait-list times. Another specific concern many parents are facing is the lack of $10 per day daycare in Oshawa and Durham Region.  Lina will work strategically to find methods to incentivize childcare centres so more centres register to the $10 a day program.


Our priority should always be our children and one of Lina's initiatives will be to create a fund geared towards subsidizing these programs. One method Lina will use to find money to offset these programs is by looking at the excessive spending  with corporations such as the Oshawa PUC. 

Supporting Our Seniors

As Regional and City Councillor, Lina will work hard to ensure there are more affordable long-term care homes and at-home care services available to all seniors.

Lina will look for assistance through Durham Region and the Ontario provincial government to increase pension and services payout. Lina will also look for ways to increase access to speciality programs for all seniors, such as Adult Day Programs.

Disability and Accessibility 


All persons with disabilities have the right to equal treatment in accessible services and the places they need to be. Lina will work to ensure all entrances to businesses and facilities in Ward 2 are accessible to all those who are disabled including having wheelchair ramps. 

Municipal Infrastructure & Services

One of Lina's priorities as Regional and City Councillor is to ensure all Municipal services are working efficiently and effectively. For example, it has been brought to Lina's attention that snow removal patterns need to be reassessed as some areas have better coverage than others.


Sidewalk cleaning and entrance ways also need to be cleared more quickly in order to assure the safety and well-being of citizens at large.  Lina will be sure to work on these matters as soon as she is elected. 

Our Water at Lake Ontario

A continuous improvement system must be adopted to proactively address our drinking water quality and capacity. With the release of the Ontario 2022-2023 budget, the Provincial Government has announced $25 million in funding to build, upgrade and rehabilitate storm and wastewater infrastructure. 

One of Lina's top priorities as Regional and City Councillor is to work with the Commissioner of the Regional Municipality of Durham's Works Department  and Provincial government to ensure Durham Region and Oshawa receive adequate funding  to improve drinking water, enhance stormwater processing and upgrade wastewater and sewage treatment for better beaches and a cleaner Lake Ontario.